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The Motionographer Awards, New York – Rainbow Award nominee (Queerer Than Thou)

London City Film Awards, UK – Best Animation winner (Nadirah: Coal Woman)

Vesuvius International Film Festival, Italy – Best LGBT Short winner (Queerer Than Thou)

FAFF Factual Animation Film Festival, London – Special Mention Nadirah: Coal Woman)

London International Animation Festival – British Animation showcase

Scottish Queer International Film festival, Scotland

Gaze Film Festival, Ireland

Giraf Festival of Independent Animation, Canada

London Short Film Festival, UK

StopTrik International Film Festival, Slovenia

Montreal Feminist Film Festival, Canada

ARFF Film Festival Paris, France

TIAF International Animation Festival, Tbilisi

Pink Life QueerFest, Istanbul

Athens Animfest, Greece

Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Festival, London

UK Web Fest, London

Leeds Queerfest, UK

Film Pride Film Festival , Brighton and Hove

Arizona Film Festival, USA

Crystal Palace International Film Festival, London

Berlinale Talent Lab  – selected as director and in the project lab with Tales From Pussy Willow

Gilbert Baker Film festival, USA – Best Animation winner and retrospective

Worldwide Women’s Film Festival, USA – Best Animation winner

London Short Film festival – Best Low Budget winner

Underwire Film Festival, London – Best Animation nominee

LOCO Comedy Film Festival, London – Best Short Discovery Award nominee

Seoul WebFest, Korea – Best Sketch Comedy, Best Concept, Best Animation nominees

Queer Vision – Best British Short nominee

Carabello Interplay Festival, Spain – Best International Series nominee

New Zealand Web Fest – Best Animation nominee

London International Animation Festival – British Animation showcase

Mecal International Film and Animation Festival, Barcelona

Copenhagen Web Fest, Denmark

The Bush Films, New York

QueerBee LGBT Film Festival, UK

Grrl Haus Cinema, Berlin

InShort Film Festival, London

Reel Q, USA

San Antonio Queer Film Festival, USA

Seattle Queer Film Festival, USA

London Live TV Channel

Tales From Pussy Willow screenings

London Short Series – winner: Best LGBTQ and Best Comedy series. Best British Series nominee

UK WebFest, London – Best LGBTQ series nominee

OutWebFest, LA -Best Comedy nominee

Pilot Light TV Festival, UK – Best British Series nominee

London International Animation Festival – panellist: Women in Animation

Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Festival, London

Tricky Women Festival of Animated Film, Vienna

London Worldwide Comedy Festival, UK

Montreal Feminist Film Festival, Canada

British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin

Female Filmmakers Fuse, USA

Portland Unknown Film Festival, USA

Roma Cinema, Italy

Queerly Beloved, London

Living TV – Brighton TV channel

Queer Vision – Best of British nomine – Bristol, UK (Queer Heroes)

Desi lesbians: Gaysians x LGBT History Month –London (Little Elephant)

One Minute Artists Moving Image Festiva –UK (If Britain Were Symmetrical)

Tricky Women Festival of Animated Film –Vienna (Democracy is More Than a Vote)

Freiburg Gay Film Festival, Germany –(Queer Heroes)

Cut The Bakwaas, London (Little Elephant)

Malmo Queer Film Festival, Sweden (Little Elephant)

Screen 25: Grace Jones – Bloodlight and Bami, London (Queer Heroes)

Am1Nation, London (If Britain Were Symmetrical)

AllBright, London (The Spinster)

Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK nominated for the McLaren Animation Award (Queer Heroes)

Toronto Webfest, Canada nominated for the Best LGBTQ Story Award (Tales From Pussy Willow – Parents Chat)

Out Web Fest, LA nominated for Best Comedy Award (Tales From Pussy Willow – Parents Chat)

BFI Flare LGBT Film Festival, London (Queer Heroes)

LOCO Comedy Film Festival, BFI London (Tales From Pussy Willow – Parents Chat)

Rio Festival of Gender and Sexuality, Brazil (Queer Heroes)

Athens Animfest, Greece (Queer Heroes)

London Lift Off Online Film Festival (Tales From Pussy Willow – Parents Chat)

Mix Brasil (Tales From Pussy Willow Series 1, with distributor REVRY)

Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Festival Queer Heroes

Queer Film Festival Oldenburg, Germany (Queer Heroes)

Queer Media UK, Manchester UK (Queer Heroes)

Cinema Jam, London (Tales From Pussy Willow – Vegetarian Houseshare)

Queerly Beloved, London (Little Elephant)

Florence Queer Film Festival, Italy (Queer Heroes)

Queerly Beloved, London  (Queer Heroes + Tales From Pussy Willow Parents Chat)

Out & Loud PIQFF, India (Queer Heroes)

Pink Apple Film Festival, Switzerland (Chariot Riders)

London Animation Club Guest speaker

Leeds Queer Film Festival, UK (Chariot Riders)

On The Verge, London (Tales From Pussy Willow – Parents Chat, Little Elephant)

Rainbow Noir, Manchester UK (Love Works duology)

Daata Editions, London (The Spinster)

No Template Sheffield, UK (Love Works duology)

Omnibus London, UK (Love Works duology)

New Delhi, India (Love Works duology)

Best Animation Award (Young Jury’s Choice), A Corto Di Donne, Italy (Little Elephant)

TAKT Artist Residency with group show and Artist Talk, Berlin

London Short Film Festival, UK (Little Elephant, Best Animation Award nominee)

Rio Gender & Sexuality Film Festival, Brazil (Little Elephant, Best Animation Award nominee)

London Asian Film Festival, UK (Chariot Riders, Best Short Film Award nominee)

Athens Animafest, Greece (Little Elephant, Best International Animation Award nominee)

London Indian Film Festival, UK (Chariot Riders, Satyajit Ray Film Award nominee)

London International Animation Festival (Little Elephant, Best Documentary nominee and Animated Women UK panel)

Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, Germany (Little Elephant, Best Short Nominee)

Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Glasgow (Best Feminist Film nominee – Little Elephant, Chariot Riders)

Aesthetica Short Film Festival, UK (Little Elephant, Best Animation Award nominee)

Raindance Film Festival, London (Little Elephant)

Tricky Women International Festival of Animated Film, Vienna (Little Elephant)

Fantoche International Animation Film Festival, Switzerland, (Chariot Riders)

Brest European Short Film Festival, France (Little Elephant)

Athens Animfest, Greece (Little Elephant)

Anibar Animation Festival, Kosovo (Little Elephant)

BFI Flare LGBT Film Festival, BFI, London (Little Elephant)

PoetryFilm Paradox, Reykavik Iceland (Dear Domenico)

FilmOut San Diegio, USA (Little Elephant)

Chicago Feminist Film Festival, USA (Little Elephant)

QueerFest Mumbai, India (Little Elephant)

North Carolina LGBT Film Festival, USA (Little Elephant)

Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, India (Little Elephant)

San Diego LGBT Film Festival, USA (Little Elephant)

Grrl Haus Cinema, USA (Little Elephant)

Alchemy Festival, Southbank Centre, London (Little Elephant, Chariot Riders)

Sardinia Queer Film Festival, (Little Elephant, Chariot Riders)

Light Night Liverpool (One Minute volumes 1 – 8) (Snowflake, Kaleidoscope Experiment)

Anim1nation, Cinema Museum, London (If Britain Were Symmetrical)

Festival Silêncio, Portugal (Dog)

Geneva International Queer Film Festival, Switzerland (Chariot Riders)

Wotever DIY Queer Film Festival, London (Chariot Riders)

Porny Days Film Festival, Switzerland (Chariot Riders)

Queers in Shorts, Cambridge, UK (Chariot Riders)

Queer Story Showcase, Manchester, UK (Chariot Riders)

The Shortest Night Film Festival, London (Little Elephant)

The Best of Cinema Jam, London (Little Elephant)

Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival, UK (Little Elephant)

Sheffield Creative Guild Launch Party, UK (Little Elephant)

Short Film Night, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (Little Elephant)

Who Am I?, London (Little Elephant)

In The Woods 10th Anniversary, UK (Little Elephant)

Short Circuit, Brighton, UK (Dear Foreigner)

Rock n Doris Festival, Newcastle, UK (Chariot Riders)

Tate Modern Turbine Festival, London (If Britain Were Symmetrical)

International Short Film Festival Cyprus (Dear Domenico – shortlisted for Best International Film Award)

London Short Film Festival, UK (Dear Domenico, If Britain Were Symmetrical)

BFI LOVE: PoetryFilm Paradox, London (Dear Domenico)

The Best of Wotever DIY Film Festival, BFI, London (Dog)

One Minute Volume 8, touring programme of Artist Film and Video (Paint)

Anim1nation, Animate Open Exhibition, Quad Derby (If Britain Were Symmetrical)

Literaturewustatt, Berlin (On Miles Platting Station)

Shorts in the South, London (Dear Domenico)

Stanton Calling, UK (Dog)

One Minute Hull, UK (Kaleidoscope Experiment, Snowflake, Paint)

Jawdance, London (Dog)

Fringe Queer Film &  Arts Festival, London (Little Elephant)

4th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival, India (Little Elephant)

Homotopia, Liverpool (Little Elephant, Chariot Riders)

Shout, Birmingham (Little Elephant, Chariot Riders)

Speak Up! Speak Out! London Metropolitan Archives (Little Elephant, Chariot Riders)

ARTIST RESIDENCY – HALKA, ISTANBUL International Artist Residency with exhibition/artists talk

Festival Delle Lettere, Milan (Dear Domenico premiere)

London Short Film Festival, UK (Dog)

British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin (Computer Love)

Fest Anca International Animation Festival, Slovakia (Computer Love)

Zebra Film Festival, Berlin (Dog)

Wotever DIY Film Festival, London (Dog)

Portobello Film Festival, London (Computer Love)

Anim’est International Animation Festival, Bucharest, Romania (Dog)

Cinema Jam, London (Dog)

17 Days, The Bret Llewellyn Gallery, USA – group show of artists video (On Miles Platting Station)

I Am Poetry Mode, London (On Miles Platting Station)

Exploding Cinema, London (Computer Love)


London Short Film Festival, UK (Computer Love)

One Minute Volumes 4 and 5, Furtherfield Gallery, London – touring programme of artists film and video (Snowflake and Kaleidoscope Experiment)

BFI Future Film Festival, London – panel speaker

Hong Kong Contemporary – London Animation Club showcase (Dear Foreigner)

Screen Social, London (Computer Love)

Festival of Neighbourhood, Southbank Centre, London (Dog)

Spotlights, London – films retrospective and talk

In the Woods, UK (Dog and The World Keeps Turning)

Lucca Film Festival, Italy (Dog)

London Animation Club – films retrospective and talk

Short Sighted Cinema, London (Dog)


London Short Film Festival, UK (Dear Foreigner and The World Keeps Turning)

Athens Animfest, Greece (Dear Foreigner)

Tricky Women Festival of Animated Film, Vienna (Dear Foreigner)

Short Film Suitcase, London (Dear Foreigner)

Underwire Film Festival touring programme, Manchester (Dear Foreigner)

Making Tracks, London (Dear Foreigner)

London Animation Club, London Collage of Arts talk and screening (Dear Foreigner)

One Minute Volume 5 – touring programme of artists film and video including The Directors Lounge (Berlin), FACT (Liverpool) and Sydney

ARTIST RESIDENCY – SIM RESIDENCY REYKJAVIK, ICELAND International artist residency incorporating exhibition with Iceland’s Culture Night

London Short Film Festival, UK (Girls Guide to Muso Boyfriends)

Tricky Women Festival, Vienna (Girls Guide to Muso Boyfriends)

Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, Germany (Dear Foreigner)

Melbourne International Animation Festival (Wish You Rocked My World)

Soho Rushes Film Festival, London (Museum of Club Culture Promo – shortlisted for Broadcast Design Award)

Anifest Rozafa Animation Festival, Albania (Dear Foreigner)

Short Short Story Film Festival, USA (Dear Foreigner)

Glimmer International Short Film Festival, UK (Dear Foreigner – shortlisted for Best UK Short)

Underwire Film Festival, London (Dear Foreigner – shortlisted for Best Soundtrack award)

International Literary Film festival, New York (When the Telescope Came)

Magma International Short Film Festival, Sicily (Comma Film programme)

One Minute Volume 5 – touring programme of artists film and video includes screenings in Sydney, London, Cardiff

ARTIST RESIDENCY – TAKT KUNSTPROJEKTAUM, BERLIN – International artist residency with monthly open studios

InCounter, Berlin – London’s InCounter vs Berlin’s Artkillart event showcasing artists new sound and video (Snowflake)

Zebra International Tour– exhibiting in Rome, Marrakesh, Berlin, Oslo (On Miles Platting Station, When the Telescope Came)

London Short Film Festival, UK (Wish You Rocked My World)

Yarn Festival of Story and Storytelling, London (The Loss),

Best of Women in Film and Television International Showcase, International Women’s Day screenings across Canada, America, Australia (Desires)

Cut n Paste, London – Animation showcase (Wish You Rocked My World)

Hotel Van Hassell Festival, Holland (The Loss)

One Minute Volume 4 International Tour – exhibiting in London, Romania, Ukraine, Berlin, Marseille, BBC National Big Screens including Manchester, Liverpool (Snowflake)

Sexbeats – Stag and Dagger Festival, London – Visuals mash up

Takt Ten, Berlin – international multidisciplinary group show

Impressions Gallery, Bradford (On Miles Platting Station)

Open Cinema International Short Film and Animation Festival, St Petersburg, Russia (Girl’s Guide to Muso Boyfriends)

Cambridge Film Festival, UK (On Miles Platting Station)

Branchage International Film Festival, UK – feature support slot (Girl’s Guide to Muso Boyfriends)

Linoleum Festival, Moscow, Russia (Girl’s Guide to Muso Boyfriends)

Festival D’Elle Lettere, Milan, Italy – Film commission and premiere (Dear Foreigner)

30th Amiens International Film Festival, France (Wish You Rocked my World)

Sadho Poetry Film Festival, Delhi, India (On Miles Platting Station)

DVD Publication – Rattapallax, New York (Metformin)

BEST NEW BUDDING TALENT NOMINEE  – Branchage International Film festival, Jersey (The Loss)

Best Of Moves International Movement on Screen Tour – exhibiting in Brazil, Russia, Hungary, Iceland and Australia, BBC National Big Screens (Desires)

Version Film Festival, Manchester: Animation workshop and Comma Film retrospective

Raindance Film festival, London (The Loss)

Latitude Festival – Guest speakers-  Comma Film programme

Bochum Video Festival, Germany – Guest Film Programmers (Comma Film)

Moves International Movement on Screen, Manchester: Guest speaker -Artists talk and Carte Blanche to Comma Film

Poetryfilm event, Curzonsoho, London (When the Telescope Came)

BBC Big Screen, Comma Film programme, UK tour

Shorts International –7 year international distribution deal secured (Desires)

VIRGIN MEDIA SHORTS PRIZE FINALIST (Desires) UK Cinema tour, showing before the main film in 212 independent cinemas

FEMME FANTASTIQUE AWARD London Short Film Festival (When the Telescope Came)

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM NOMINEE London Short Film Festival , (On Miles Platting station)

AUDIENCE AWARD Let’s Go Expo, Manchester (When the Telescope Came)

WIFT International tour (Desires) – touring 20 cities globally including Toronto, New York and Los Angeles

Movement on Screen, Manchester (Kaleidoscope Experiment)

Art of Sound: Sound of Art, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester – artist collaboration/group show

Moving Image Stories, Canadian tour (When the Telescope Came)

Exposures Allumini, Exposures Film Festival, Manchester – Guest speaker

Northwest filmmakers, Chester Performs – Guest speaker

Rare as a Green Dog, Futuresonic Festival, RNCM, Manchester Performance visuals

LadyFest, Manchester – Girls on Film programmed event

Northwest Women in Film, Cornerhouse Manchester – Girls on Film programmed event in association with Birds Eye View

Zebra Film Festival, Berlin (When the Telescope Came, On Miles Platting station)

East End Film Festival, London (When the Telescope Came)

Islington Mill Arts Academy, Salford – Artist talk

Beat Your (He)art out, Hebden Bridge (When the Telescope Came)

ARTS COUNCIL GRANTS FOR THE ARTS AWARD – to make ‘When the Telescope Came’

Best of Birds Eye View – international tour includes Paris, Berlin (Desires)

Eight – ACE funded multi-disciplinary group show, Cube gallery, Manchester

The In Show, Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University – A.I.R. group show

New Islington Festival, Manchester (On Miles Platting Station)

Spoken Image, Cornerhouse, Manchester (When the Telescope Came)

Kosmopolis, Barcelona – Comma Film programme

St Johns International Women’s Film Festival, Canada (Desires)

Salford Film festival, Islington Mill – Girls on Film programmed event

The Day the Rain Turned to Paint, group show, Manchester (I Love Paris in the Rain)

ARTS COUNCIL GRANTS FOR THE ARTS AWARD – SETTING UP SCHEME  – residency at Manchester Metropolitan university

Adaptation, Cornerhouse, Manchester (Desires)

Slide Candy, Manchester – solo show

BBC Big Screen, Manchester (Computer Song)

Kino Film Festival Cinemobile, Manchester – Girls on Film programmed event

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